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Report Corruption Now
Corruption takes many forms, and those who perpetrate corruption are swift in developing new strategies to conceal their practices. Corruption is defined as ‘the abuse of entrusted power for private gain’ and occurs in both the public and the private sectors. Corruption is the abuse of power within in a state institution, a private entity or a public organization. Both the bribe-taker and the bribe-giver benefit from corruption whether in cash or in-kind. Bribe-takers collect rewards for carrying out the functions which are their duty to perform as free service to the public. Bribe-givers benefit from access to basic needs and privileges over those who cannot afford to pay a bribe. Corruption prevents citizens from access to services to which they are entitled, diverts government and development assistance away from the most vulnerable, and undermines productive economic activity.

Report Corruption

Did you witness corruption in your work, administrative processes or daily dealings? Tell us about your experience by reporting corrupt practices within the Afghan Government, private sector and civil society, and within International organizations/ agencies. Who was corrupt? In which sector? Where? What happened?

Report Honest Practices

Did you witness someone resisting or refusing bribes, standing up against corrupt practices, or do you know of innovative initiatives that are successful in fighting against corruption? Tell us about it!

Rate Services to Citizens

According to you, how do government departments fare in terms of corrupt practices? Which govenrment departments resist corrupt practices the most, where and why? Which are the government departments which are the most corrupt, where and why?